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Burger King

Join the Meltdown

A launch film and digital content for Burger King’s “Join the Meltdown” campaign. This was part of an initiative to remove plastic toys from kids’ meals and challenge other famous fast-food brands to do the same.


In the film, we used a cast of melting characters to highlight the growing problem plastic toys are causing. Inspired by animated films, Beep Beep, Mr Hugglesworth and Roary go on their own meltdown journey from being discarded waste to melted down into recycled outdoor play areas.

The campaign generated 7.5 billion impressions within 24 hours, with the film being featured on CNN and the BBC. The film also received a D&AD Graphite Pencil in the brand expression in moving image category. 

My Role

Animation, CGI design, art direction and cinematography.


I was the lead animator throughout the film, creating the majority of toy animations, character movements and special effects. I also designed and composed the film scenes and developed the lighting and cinematography.