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M&M's: Disney Springs

In-store Experience

Ambient In-store content experience for M&Ms World promoting personalised products. The film depicts the fantastical process by which M&Ms chocolates are laser printed with personalised designs.

My Role

Ideation, storyboard, CGI design and art direction. 

I ideated and storyboarded the video, designed the 3D style frames, animated various scenes and motion directed two freelance animators working on the project.   


Agency: Jones Knowles Ritchie

Executive Creative Director: Sean Thomas

Creative Director: Daniel Kennington

Design Director: Dominic Davidson-Merritt

Senior 3D Animator: Louise Tattershall

Senior 2D Animator: Winston Duke

Senior Designer: Luke Thompson 

2D Typographer: Tal Leming

Senior Editor: Daryl Yeoman

Copywriter: Christopher Sharpe & Kathryn Hindess

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