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Courtney Tulloch

Making Impossible, Possible

This project involved two 3D and moving typefaces, which were used as the heart of the motion identity for gymnast Courtney Tulloch ahead of the 2020 Olympic games. 

The typefaces were the result of a collaboration between 3D modelling, motion and traditional type design. Just like Courtney’s performances on the rings, the typefaces give the impression of impossibility when in motion. It is only when you see the letterforms rotate 360° that they become comprehensible.

Brand and Social Campaign

In the subsequent brand films and social campaign, the type created endless possibilities for mind-bending motion graphics, intersected with footage of Courtney’s iconic ring routine.


In 2020, the project was awarded ADC Best of Discipline and Gold Cubes, a Clio Silver Award and a One Show Bronze Pencil in moving typography categories. The project was also featured in Creative Review and StashMedia.  

My Role

3D typography, 3D design, animation and art direction.


I created the 3D and moving versions of the two typefaces. I also designed, composed and animated a range of type compositions seen within the two films and social campaign.


Agency: Jones Knowles Ritchie

Executive Creative Director: Sean Thomas

Creative Director: Daniel Kennington

Design Director: Dominic Davidson-Merritt

Senior 3D Animator: Louise Tattershall

Senior 2D Animator: Winston Duke

Senior Designer: Luke Thompson 

2D Typographer: Tal Leming

Senior Editor: Daryl Yeoman

Copywriter: Christopher Sharpe & Kathryn Hindess

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